Advertising production, Sport prizes, Business gifts

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Working hours
I – V : 8 am – 5 pm.
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Company information

JSC „ALT reklama“
Company code: 301717538
VAT payer code: LT100004060311
Account No: LT857181200012467075
Bank: 71812 Šiaulių bankas Alytaus filialas


Address: A. Jonyno g. 12B, LT-62175 Alytus, Lithuania
SHOP: Naujoji g. 52 (in the premises of Alytus Sports and Recreation centre)
Tel.  +370 698 49293, email: info@altreklama.lt

Production Manager
Dainius Jurgelevičius
dainius@altreklama.lt,   +370 682 25164

Export Manager
Paulius Baubonis
paulius@altreklama.lt,  +370 676 16507